Inspect Your HTTP/MQTT Requests

Log, inspect and debug HTTP/MQTT requests and webhooks in a human-friendly way. Quickly test the connectivity of your devices or application in real-time, so you can get back to working on your use-case. Configure Your Device and Monitor Data Instantly


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Easy Setup

step 1

Get an Endpoint (URL)

When you click on the “Create Hook” button, a unique URL is generated for the use of a broadcasting application. After setting your device, anyone with this link can access a stream of incoming data from anywhere. It’s a handy solution for teams to collaborate remotely.

step 2

Set Your Device

uBeac’s Hook is compatible with a wide range of IoT devices and applications. It is a simple matter to configure your device to forward data to your given URL. You may then make POST, GET, DELETE, and OPTIONS requests with any header and content.

step 3

View requests

Requests sent to your URL are logged in real-time. The number and frequency of requests are easily visualized in the Request Per Second and Heart Beat widgets. Deftly change the view format for the body of your requests. Export your data in a single JSON file.

curl -X POST \  --url '' \  --header 'accept: application/json' \  --header 'content-type: application/json' \  --header 'x-pretty-print: 2' \  --cookie 'foo=bar; bar=baz' \  --data '{"foo": "bar"}'

Rest Easy Knowing Your Devices are Connected!


With your Hook endpoint URL, you can test the connectivity of your devices and view sensor data from anywhere, for free - no sign up - no margin. Your unique Hook URL is one click away.

Hook allows you to inspect Request Headers Inspect Header requests in detail.

Hook supports output in JSON, YAML and XML, as well as in HTML for in-browser testing.

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